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Femdom Gallery of Foot Worship

September 12th, 2011


Goddess Starla from Femdom Bride got fired from her job and came home to her husband and slave Randy in a very sad mood. Randy though, knowing his wife and Mistress well, knew right away what to do to cheer her up a bit first. He immediately sat her down and got down on his hands and knees to worship her stockinged feet. Slowly taking the stockings off her gorgeous legs, Starla got more and more into Randy’s worship and started to feel a bit better. Randy played his part perfectly as her slave knowing that this would do a better job of cheering her up rather than giving her a hug like most people would do. Goddess Starla even starts to smile a bit as she shoves her stockings into Randy’s mouth and later on pushes her feet deep into his mouth. Overall Randy did exactly what he needed to do and for once we can say that Goddess Starla is lucky to have him as a cuckolded husband!

Strapon Punishment

September 12th, 2011

Goddess Starla from Femdom Bride was shown a new play area by one of her friends and thought it would be the perfect place to put Randy through a brutal BDSM sessions. Stuck in a dingy basement and tied to the pipes in the ceiling, Randy is completely vulnerable to his Goddess and she’s one to take advantage of his vulnerability! This little trailer is just a small taste of what Randy goes through on a daily basis with his Goddess. Brutal cock torture, flogging, spanking, forced strapon blowjobs and more, Randy is treated like the dirty loser slut that he is! Everyday this unique married couple live by the female superiority ideals and everyday Randy is put through vigorous games and events that test the very limits of his self control and submissiveness!

New Hardcore BDSM Pet Play Site

September 12th, 2011

Animalizm just came out recently and I have to admit that I’ve never seen anything like it before on this world wide web of adult entertainment. This hardcore pet play site is dedicated to letting us into the lives of Mistresses and Masters who have for one reason or another decided to transform their slaves into human animals. With everything from little slutty dog bitches to sexy pandas, this site is full to the brim with hardcore BDSM as never seen before! The devotion to this lifestyle is varied on the site, some of the couples practice this extreme pet play as a full time lifestyle while for others it is a temporary arrangement. Either way it is really interesting to see these slaves completely dehumanized as well as a huge turn on!

Hardcore Lezdom Movie

September 12th, 2011

Mistress Alyssah Simone dominates Trisha Uptown in a very hardcore BDSM sessionat Wasteland. Shoving a dildo into Trisha’s mouth so that she can hold it still for her as she fucks it, Trisha is forced to watch up close as the huge rubber cock glides in and out of her Mistress’s pussy. Alyssah fucks Trisha’s face as hard as she can, all the while using a vibrator on her swollen clit. Watching this lezdom Mistress using her slave as a live fuck toy couldn’t be any hotter.

Debbie’s Violation

September 12th, 2011


jd3Poor Debbie knew that she should expect some hardcore BDSM action when she went over to Wasteland but what she did not expect was to be wrapped head to toe in cellophane and then taking fully advantage off! Master Johnny rigs a fucking machine up to the ceiling so that he can forced his gorgeous redheaded slave to take its rubbery cock deep into her throat, unable to move, Debbie has no choice but to obey. Later Johnny replaces the rubber dildo with the real live thing as he gets on top of Debbie’s face and shoves his own rock hard cock into her mouth. He’s far from done with her though, as he whips out his crop and later gives her a good hard pussy pounding that makes her scream out in pleasure but probably also partly in pain!

BDSM Redhead’s Abuse

September 12th, 2011

bdsm-redhead1 bdsm-redhead2

Master Johnny from Wasteland brought in his favorite redheaded slave Debbie for a hardcore bondage session in Wasteland’s dungeon. Wrapped in plastic wrap from head to toe, flogged, whipped, caned, eaten out, fucked hard and forced to deep throat a fucking machine, Debbie doesn’t have it easy with her cruel Master! This hardcore BDSM session is an everyday occurrence for Debbie, as her Master knows exactly how to keep a pain slut like her obedient and well behaved.

Cuckolding Femdom Threesome

September 12th, 2011

femdom-threesome1femdom-threesome2femdom-threesome3femdom-threesome4Goddess Starla from Femdom Bride has invited a new slave over to her house for a trial period to see if she would fit in well to the household. Randy, Goddess Starla’s cuckolded husband/ Slave does not seemed thrilled about this new addition to the family especially since Holly gets to wear his clothing and gets pampered by his Goddess. Poor Randy is used as a foot stool while Holly gets to run her tongue all over their Goddess’s feet. Randy is forced to keep his face shoved in Goddess Starla‘s shoes while Holly is invited to sit with their Goddess on the couch for one hell of a hot make out session. You can easily see why Randy would be upset about this change in pace. Not only is he still sternly treated by his Goddess but he’s also being cuckolded by the new slave. Apparently Randy’s transformation into a sissygurl was not enough to satisfy Goddess Starla’s need to squeeze some real breasts! You can see the full free Femdom movie gallery of this femdom session by clicking on one of the photos above. I can promise that you won’t be disappointed by this sexy cuckolding session!






Rose didn’t know what to expect when she agree to audition for Bondage Auditions. She shows up to the audition wearing some slutty lingerie of which there is no need because she’s not given permission to wear any clothes except for her thigh highs and the ropes that will bind her. Spanked, flogged and beaten, Rose starts to realize that this is not going anywhere good. Once she sees the clothespins taken out she starts to panic as her breasts are pinched and painfully played with. Things only get worse for our poor new little slave Rose as smoldering hot candle wax is poured all over her breasts, tummy, cunt and thighs. All that while the little slut is forced to orgasm multiple times! You can’t help but feel a little bad for the platinum blond as she had no idea that she was getting into a hardcore BDSM session!

Bound Lesbian BDSM Slave

September 12th, 2011

The girls and boys on Bound4You are not into your normal boring sexual acts. These people show their love and attraction to one another by offering their bodies over to their Masters or Mistresses for them to do as they please with. And believe me, they use their slaves’ bodies well! Just take a look at the free BDSM picture gallery by clicking HERE or on one of the pics above. This Lesbian Mistress binds her slave up tightly with ropes and then gets herself off just by watching her sexy slut of a slave struggle in the rope bondage! Not only do these two hot girls make an extremely sexy duo, they also make a kink and somewhat sinful pair of lesbian lovers! There’s nothing hotter than watching a beautiful girl dominated another gorgeous girl in some hardcore Lezdom bondage.

Leila’s BDSM Torment

September 12th, 2011


Master X just loves tying up Leila and making sure that she knows her true place in their relationship. Nothing more than a slave, Leila is forced to endure all sorts of tortures by her Master including having a dick on a stick shove deep into her throat and throbbing, tight cunt. Wasteland must love having Master X over with his slave because he loves showing her and her many talents off! She’s the type of girl you wish you could have for your own, maybe tucked away in your closet, only let out when you need some sexual release or maybe to get some frustration out on. She cums so easily that Master X has no trouble forcing her to orgasm again and again and yes, again.

I love how her Master doesn’t even really think about getting himself off, he just so into watching her reactions as he takes her to new levels of pain and pleasure. And who wouldn’t be mesmerized by this beauty, tears welling up in her eyes as she can barely take yet another orgasm?!